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Upcoming Barrel Race NBHA Tx 19 M7 Arena Apr 27
Upcoming Barrel Race BRAT ATTACK May 3 & 4
Upcoming Barrel Race CTBRA May 3 & 4
Upcoming Barrel Race NBHA Tx 19 Star Ranch 5 -11
Upcoming Barrel Race NBHA TX 24 Clifton May 17
Upcoming Barrel Race CC5D Race 3 May 24-26
Upcoming Barrel Race D&G Productions May 24-26
Upcoming Barrel Race Tyler Saddle Club Annual Memorial Race May 24
Upcoming Barrel Race Summer Da$h 5-31/6-1
Upcoming Barrel Race WTBRA Curtis Barnett Memorial 5-31/6-1
Upcoming Barrel Race WTBRA $500 Added June 8
Upcoming Barrel Race Elgin Vet Clinic Classic July 12-13
Upcoming Barrel Race Elite Barrel Racing July 17-20

 Barrel Racing Draws
2013-14 Producers Schedule

PreEntry Deadlines
NBHA TX 19 M7 Arena April 24
BRAT ATTACK Alvarado April 25
CTBRA Salado Apr 27-May 1
D&G Memorial Weekend May 9
CC5D Race 3 May 14
Bootin Out Cerebral Palsy 5- 17

 Buckle/Saddle/Jackpot Series
Star Ranch Jackpot 4-23
Limestone Co Fairgrounds 4-24
Salt Creek 5D Buckle 4-24
M7 Open 5D Jackpot 4-24
WWP Saddle Series 4-26
WWP 5D Barrel Race 4-28
Rafter E 5D Buckle Series 4-29

THCBRA Exhibitions 4-29
Star Ranch Jackpot 4-30
M7 Trailer/Buckle Series 5-1
Limestone Co Fairgrounds 5-1
Salt Creek 5D Buckle 5-1
WWP Saddle Series 5-3
THCBRA Exhibitions 5-6
Star Ranch Jackpot 5-7
M7 Trailer/Buckle Finals 5-8
Salt Creek 5D Buckle 5-8
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 5-8
THCBRA Exhibitions 5-13
Star Ranch Jackpot 5-14
WWP Saddle Series 5-17
Most Consistent Saddle 5-17
Salt Creek 5D Buckle 5-15
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 5-15
THCBRA Exhibitions 5-20
Star Ranch Jackpot 5-21
Salt Creek 5D Buckle 5-22
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 5-22
THCBRA Exhibitions 5-27
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 5-29
THCBRA Exhibitions 6-3
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 6-5
THCBRA Exhibitions 6-10
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 6-12
Most Consistent Saddle 6-14
THCBRA Exhibitions 6-17
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 6-19
5D Jackpot Rafter E Prod 6-26

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 Barrel Racing Results

Million Heir Ranch Results April 15
PPCLA 4D Jackpot Results April 15
CTBRA Hamilton Results April 12-13
D&G Abilene Results April 11-13
WWP Saddle Series Results Apr 12
M7 Trailer/Buckle Series Results April 10
PPCLA Barrel Racing Results April 8
Somervell Co Expo Jackpot Results Apr 8
Million Heir Ranch Results April 8
CC5D Race 2 Results April 4-6
I'm Eggstraspecial Too Results April 4-6
PPCLA Barrel Racing Results 4-1
Alicia Rolland Benefit Memorial 3-29
Cowboy Classic Super Show Mar 28-30
Barrel Bash Results March 28-29
WTBRA Extravaganza Sat, Sun, Fri 3-28-30
M7 Arena Buckle/Trailer Results Mar 27
Somervell Co Expo Jackpot Results 3-25
PPCLA Results March 25
WWP 5D Jackpot Results March 24
CTBRA Salado, Tx Results March 22-23
Twin Lakes Barrel Bash Results Mar 21-22
Star Ranch $500 Added Results Mar 23
M7 Arena Buckle/Trailer Results Mar 20
Star Ranch Results March 20
Million Heir Ranch Results March 18
Somervell Co Expo Jackpot Results 3-18
PPCLA Results March 18
NBHA TX 19 Spring Fling Results Mar 16
NBHA Tx 19 Spring Fling Results Mar 15
Star Ranch Race #5 Results March 13
PPCLA Results March -11
D&G Prod Waco Results Mar 7-9
Double Down Wild West Results Mar 9
Diamond and Dirt Results March 7-8
WWP 4D Barrel Race Results Mar 8
Star Ranch Race #4 Results Mar 6
Runnin Late For Love Results March 1
BRAT M7 Arena Results March 1
Star Ranch Race #3 Results Feb 27
PPCLA Jackpot Results Feb 25
Twin Lakes Arena Results Feb 24
WWP Saddle Series Results Feb 24
Benefit For Brenda Rushton Results Feb 23
Star Ranch Buckle Series Results Feb 20
WWP Saddle Series Results Feb 17
Longhorn Barrels & Poles Results Feb 16
NBHA Tx 19 Results Feb 16
THCBRA Series Race Results Feb 16
THCBRA Super Race Results Feb 15
Valentine Bash Results Feb 14-16
BRAT Results Feb 15
WWP Saddle Series Results Feb 14
Star Ranch Race 1 Results Feb 13
DW Arena Winter Series Results Feb -5
WWP Saddle Series Results Feb 3, 2014
Longhorn Barrel and Pole Results Feb 2
CTBRA Results Feb 1-2, 2014
Bell County 5D Open Results Feb 1, 2014
BRAT Diamond W Results Feb 1
DW Arena Buckle Series Results Jan 29
D&G Chickasha Results Jan 24-26
Jurassic Winter Classic Sun Results Jan 26
Jurassic Winter Classic Sat Results Jan 25
Jurassic Winter Classic Fri Results Jan 24
Jurassic Winter Classic Thur Results Jan 23

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