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Cowboy Collection Arena
Name: BBR# Hometown Horse Name Time Winning
1D-Memory Walsh

Diamond 15.961 $120.00
2ND-Kathleen Partain

Sherk 16.093 $80.00
Kim Partain

Spur 16.136
Jamie Johnson

Quick Moon Doll 16.309
Katti Hale

Simply Azure 16.392
William Henson 5802 Edgewood,Tx. Rocket 16.421

2D-Dina Allred

Boss 16.461 $100.00
2nd-Kelly Jones

Diva 16.547 $67.00
Dina Allred

Vegas 16.570
Chery Pinkston

Bling 16.595
Paul Haynes 5760 Scurry,Tx.
Tony Jackson

7Th Jet 16.799
Jessi Quarles

LJ Smugglin Cash 16.842
Chali Pinkston

Dixi 16.856
LeAnn Ritchie

Cash 16.930

3D-Mary Van Cleve

Nita 16.977 $80.00
2nd-Kasie Valdez

Jacks 17.078 $53.00
Ashley Willis

Rose 17.154
Amanda Buster

Chula 17.163
Paula Pemberton

Ruckus 17.306
Lisa Ammons

Will 17.427

4D-Ashley Sells

Diamond 17.509 $60.00
2nd-Janee Steger

Jag 17.634 $40.00
Carol Scoggins

Freckles 17.885
Mikki Hanks

Pokey Man 17.929

5D-Amanda Buster

Bee 18.019 $40.00

Monique Braund

Rebecca Merritt

Amanda Buster


Total Entries-29