Online Entries June 1st-1pm
PED is June 11 at midnight

Printable EF
PED June 22

Mail in PED June 18th
Online PED June 22 midnight

Entries Are Open!

Rafter E Productions Winter Series

Circle T Arena

4007 W. Hwy 36
Hamilton, TX 76531

Phone: 254-386-3559
Website: Click to Visit


$30 Jackpot 2pm Open 5D. $5 Exh 10:30 - 1:30, Office Fee $10. Drawings held throughout the Day During Exh and Jackpot for Stalls, RVs and Punchies!!!! Gift Ceritficates for Buffet Meals and Snack Bar.
Se'Vette Early 254-223-1220, email FB Rafter E Productions

Sun, Jan 14, 2018


Se'Vette Early

Phone: 254-223-1220
Website: Click to Visit