Online Entries June 1st-1pm
PED is June 11 at midnight

Printable EF
PED June 22

Mail in PED June 18th
Online PED June 22 midnight

Entries Are Open!

Tejas Rodeo Fri-Yay 4D Barrel Race - Bulverde, TX

Tejas Rodeo Arena

401 Obst Rd
Bulverde, TX 78163

Open 4D barrel race if more than 125 entries we will make a 5D.

85% PAYOUT! $40 entry fees, $30 youth fees, and $5 office charge. Exhibitions from 530-730pm at $5 each. You can pre-enter by text to 210-273-3820 starting March 12th and close March 15 at 2pm. First 30 runners must be paid before open starts or number will be released. Draw will be posted on the facebook event page so make sure your following. You can enter up until the last 25 runners.

Fri, Mar 16, 2018



Phone: 2102733820