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Williamson County Expo Center

5350 Bill Pickett Trail
Taylor, TX 76574

Phone: (512)238-2101
Website: Click to Visit

GO FAST RACES “TRAINER TIME”! Jan 17, 2019 5pm-10pm Williamson County Expo Center, 210 Carlos G. Parker Blvd. NW, Taylor, Texas 76574. Need a place to work your horse, horses, young ones on the pattern and on Good Dirt? Come on out to Go Fast Races Trainer Time. This is a laid back less structured event. There are no exhibition pages, specific time slots or certain order. Show up from 5-10pm, purchase your WRIST BAND (must purchase to ride in warm up area and arena) and ride as many horses for as long as you want! Our number one rule is that everyone treat each other with patience and respect. We will be on the mic to direct traffic and keep everyone moving. Barrels will be on the stakes in the main arena and we can clock you a time if needed! You MUST purchase a wrist band and have it on to ride in the warm up area as well as in the arena. Wrist band are $25 CASH ONLY and you may get it at the warm up entrance gate. Questions may be sent to

Thu, Jan 17, 2019



Website: Click to Visit