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Clayton (Scamper's Clone)

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She'd be stupid to compete on him.
There is the possibility that he just won't have the "want to" to run barrels, in which case he'd fail and she wouldn't be able to market him.
What she is selling isn't Clayton, she's selling Scamper.  So she can't really let Clayton do anything . . . hell he might turn out to be an awesome calf horse which would ruin her marketing campaign.

She's doing the smartest thing by breeding him to mares that are proven and "select", which gives her a great chance of being able to sell him later based on his pregeny.

I agree that while he may have been a clone of Scamper's genetics, the environment that Scamper was nurtured (or not) in is what made him the horse he is.  I really don't see him as being the same as Scamper when I look at him, I kinda see him as being close to a son or brother to Scamper that you can breed to.  Like Tamet said, environment alters genetics and I too believe that the recipient mare had to have at least some effect on the embryo's development.  So with that, I tend to think of it as similar to breeding to a son of Scamper.

And for someone like Skillz Schuman who doesn't breed solely on lineage, Clayton is not the way to go.  But there are those of us who breed based solely on the name.  I've seen a son of Frenchman's Guy breeding for like $1000 and he has never done anything.  They don't list any earnings of progeny or the stallion himself.  But folks are breeding to him just because he's a son of Frenchman's Guy.  I would think that those folks will be the types to breed to Clayton.

And when they allow clones into the AQHA, and it's just a matter of time before they do, she'll be able to up his fee even more.

Yep, Punkin, I agree with all you have said  :yes:

Yes it WOULD be stupid to compete on him but just for imagination purposes only.....imagine IF she did, and imagine IF he made a great one---
then imagine the effect on barrel racing that it would have.....It would provide one of the biggest hooplas in barrel racing history if the fact
that he is a clone was not enough on its own....what a thought...... >CRYING EYES OUT<

She says she'll haul him to races and "play around with him" and she says that she'll play on the cans at home with him . . .
so if he sucks at it, noone will ever know . . .

But if he excels, we'll hear about it.  You can bet your bottom dollar we'll hear about it even if it's as some back yard jackpot. 

And if he really takes to it at home and when she plays with him . . . I bet she'll change her tune about running him.  she might not go the NFR route with him, but there are so many other options these days that she can take.
Large scale barrel races like WBR and such . . .
Where he can still make a name for himself, without having to try to win 10 NFR championships.

cold n classy:
All I have to say about it all is Charmayne is a VERRRRY smart woman and knows what she's doing in this deal.  Clayton does look good that's for sure.....and Scamper!!  Man, I've had 2 year olds that don't look as good as he does right now!  :ROFL2:  It's amazing that he is still in that good of shape!  I'm sure he gets the very best of care from her no doubt!  The only thing that makes him look old is the gray in his head! 


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