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Some of you may not realize how close to home this accident really hits. Even though Gennifer McDonald lived in Dodge City, KS, and Wellington, CO, she was a regular at the big barrel races in Texas.  She would save up her money and travel down here as often as she could for the D&G’s, Lone Star Arena Cowboy Capital, Destry’s/Winmore, the Jurassic Classic, and WBR.    She told me that she came to Texas to run barrels because everyone down here was so friendly and made her feel like she belonged.  She would tell me stories about going places where people would make fun of her and her home-trained, paint mare named Shadow.  Those people underestimated the try and determination of this duo.  Over the last couple of years that I had the pleasure of knowing her, Gennifer and Shadow had become quite the barrel racing team.  “Quit” was not in her vocabulary.  She LOVED barrel racing and was constantly striving to be better with each run. No matter what her time was, when she rode out of the alley you could tell by the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eye that she truly was living life to the fullest.  To call her “friendly” would be an understatement!  Gennifer did not know a stranger!  If she met you once, she would remember you, and if you got anywhere near her, she was going to talk to you.   If God sent her down here to teach others to believe in themselves, to dare to dream, to treat others as you want to be treated, to never give up, and always live life to the fullest…..then He met her at the Pearly Gates saying “great job my good and faithful servant”. 


--- Quote from: 3horses on May 25, 2009, 12:25:34 AM ---This is very sad , what happened to the horses ??????

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It's my understanding that all the horses they were hauling were killed also.

Sending prayers for the family...this is so sad.

How terrible!

Dear Lord,

Please lay your comforting hands on these families.  Help them to get through this trying time.  Amen.

So so sad!  Many prayers to everyone involved.


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