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Frauds and Scams
« on: July 30, 2009, 12:20:44 AM »
I've had my fair share of Frauds and Scams presented to me. I had a broodmare bred back, and with a suckling on the side for $3500's. Check went through, trailer guy showed, and hauled away my horses. Soon enough, bank called in frantic, it was $3500's of OUR OWN money. Bad check. I was  >:(  I let my horses go to someone I didn't know. I did quick research online and I had been scamed. Then the question was raised, where are my horses going?!  ???  I tracked the guy down, and I got my horses back.  ;)  The hauler, hauled them to Oklahoma, and the horses were signed up for a sale with a bunch other horses. Does any body wonder what they do with the horses if they actually get them?!  :o