Author Topic: Prayers Please for a barrel racer stuggling to put the Lord first in my life.  (Read 2692 times)

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 your prayers are greatly needed in my life, struggling with a break up from my boyfriend. He (Robin) knows the Lord but wants to handle his life's problems on his own.
He has pushed me away. Please pray the Lord will become front and foremost in his life and in mine. I'm struggling with turning to the Lord and letting the lord work in both our hearts and in our lives to guide us and for us to put the Lord first in both our lives.  I need your prayers that the Lord will bring us back together and that we can have a better life together and put the Lord first.

Thanks Kim
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Trust in the lord, he will guide you through it. I had gotten away from my faith a while back, but a very stressful situtation brought me back to the lord. I was told that my unborn daughter was terminal by several doctors, and I almost terminated her due to medical advice. Something in my heart was telling that the doctors were wrong. I turned everything over to the lord, and now I have my daughter that was born on November 27th. Everything happens for a reason, even though it is hard to see it now. The lord gave me my daughter, and she will be okay after having surgery in a few months to repair a small hole in her skull.  Don't give up hope or lose your faith. If it is ment to be it will be just keep the faith in the lord. I struggle everyday with a simular situation. My husband is not religous, and I am even though I don't get to go to church much because of the hours I work. I try hard to mak him understand the lord, but he refuses. He is a good man, and loves me dearly but is missing out on so much not knowing the lord. I just keep on praying for him, and my family. Trust in the lord is all you can do. He will show you the way. Trust me on this, I have been there. The lord has pulled me through some very tuff times, and now I have gotten my reward my beautiful baby girl. My heart goes out to you, and your in my thoughts. You can't make someone believe in something if they don't want to because I have tried with my husband. I just have to be loving and supportive an keep turning it over to the lord for answers.
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I'm so sorry you are hurting.. please know that there are lots of us praying for you.   There is nothing better in this whole world than knowing you have a God that loves you so much He gave His own Son to die for you and your sins.   

There is nothing you will go thru that He doesn't know how you feel... and that He doesn't care how you feel...   Remember.... you are so special to Him. 

There isn't anything you can do for your boyfriend right now except for prayer!   The thing for you to do is.... to get in God's Word.. read His promises to you every chance you can.   They will be your weapon when Satan tries to attack you with his lies.    You are worth far more than you will ever know!   

Just take things one day at a time and learn to love yourself and fall in love with God!!  When you are in right standing with God.. that is.. when you have righteousness... others want it too.   And honestly.. you will be happier then.. than you ever have been in your life!   You cannot love fully, until you fully love God.

It's going to be okay... b/c He said so.  You have your victory in the Blood of Jesus Christ.. and don't let anyone or anything make you think otherwise!

Much love!