Author Topic: Tsunami Quakes/floods Disaster Scam  (Read 1651 times)

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Tsunami Quakes/floods Disaster Scam
« on: February 09, 2005, 11:30:26 PM »

The way I know this is a scam is the fact that I'm on a scammers list and this is spam it was sent to more than one of my email addresses. If you are wanting to help these people do it through Red Cross or some other ORG. that does that kind of thing. NEVER GIVE MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON"T KNOW THAT SENDS YOU AN EMAIL OUT OF THE BLUE.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are from a small village in the Aceh Region in Indonesia affected by the recent Tsunami Quakes/floods Disaster that swept through South Eastern Asia.

We have been rendered homeless and have lost all we have in life. Many foreign tourists also were affected by the quakes/floods.

Since we have no other way to survive as of now and have lost most of our relations and children, we have decided to write this letter of APPEAL FOR DONATIONS.

We will be very grateful if you can assist us with any amount of money to enable us start a new lease of life. Our little business have been swept off by the floods and we cannot go and steal. All we need is money to rehabilitate and start business again to make a living. No amount is too small to assist in this relief efforts.

We are sending this mail to many people all over the world for assistance as we can't help ourselves. The United Nations and other world bodies/organisations are helping but the funds are not well circulated. So we need your assistance.

Sir/Madam we pray that God/Allah will reward you abundantly for listening to the voice of the less privileged and people whose lives have been devastated by a natural disaster.

Any donation can be sent either by Western Union Money Transfer Services or Money Gram Transfer to:

Mr. Musliman Musliman
Kp Kurus RT 009-RT0089
Utara, Jakarta,

As soon as you effect the Payment, email me the relevant Money Transfer details vis: Money transfer control number, senders name and address as it appears in the transfer receipt, amount sent, test question and answer (if any).

My email for further contact is:

Your assistance will be appreciated. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Mr. Musliman Musliman
For: Aceh Victims of Tsunami
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