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Author Topic: Southwest Best Barrel Race Dec 30-31 UPDATE!!!  (Read 1468 times)

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Southwest Best Barrel Race Dec 30-31 UPDATE!!!
« on: December 28, 2017, 05:56:32 PM »

Due to the higher possibility of bad bad roads and bad weather we are canceling Sunday BUT BBR has agreed to move their approval to Saturday BUT the payout won't be guaranteed $10,000 it will however be $2000 added with 80% payback (instead of 75%) which is equal to the $10,000 guaranteed with 200 runners, see picture below.  Points Sat will finish out 2017 for SW Best and we will start the new yr in Abilene the first weekend of Feb. The biggest complication comes when we get into the futurity and derby horses...and we give saddles to those top horses, so we need to stay crystal clear on points. It would make things complicated to make one run count for two different competition years. Sorry for all the confusion and mess...just trying to do what's best for all or contestants and their horses.  Our top priority is everyone's safety! We would not be able to live with our conscience if anything happened to anyone or their livestock!

If Saturday absolutely will not work for you please call Amanda at 325-513-9994 or Kandise at 432-413-9661 ASAP and we will be making phone calls this evening to people only entered on Sunday as well! For those entered both days we will mail out refund checks with winners checks for the weekend on Tuesday morning (and hopefully have them available in the office as well if we can knock it all out).

Dec 30 is a go - Dec 31 CANCELLED

For more info go to
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