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Author Topic: Speedhorse Silver & Gold Cup Barrel Racing!!!!!!  (Read 1167 times)

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Speedhorse Silver & Gold Cup Barrel Racing!!!!!!
« on: February 19, 2005, 11:33:30 AM »
From Robin Hofmann

Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Barrel Racing, Inc. under new ownership  As a result some changes are being made to better serve the contestants...
Speedhorse Silver Cup 4D Sweepstakes$10,000 Added / March 10 – 13, 2005
Expo Square Livestock Pavilion / Tulsa, OK

  • Stall fees WILL NOT be mandatory for haul in/haul out 4D Sweepstakes Entries!
  • If you have already entered the 4D and paid for a stall but are hauling in and out please contact me for a refund.
  • NEW Entry Deadline  - Mail In Entries Must be postmarked by March 1, 2005 and paid with CASHIER'S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER
  • If Sweepstakes does NOT fill prior to March 9th - On sight entries will be taken until 6:PM -  end of Check In on March 9th - CASH ONLY no exceptions!

(I have attached a Sweepstakes Entry Blank the Schedule of Events for the upcoming Silver Cup)
We hope to see you there!!!

Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Barrel Racing, Inc. Purchased by Pat and Robin Hofmann
Norman, OK - "Since the beginning of 2005 I have been taking a hard look at the future of my investment in B.B.R., the Gold & Silver Cup Barrel Futurities, and the current development of the Non Pro futurity trainers division.  The conclusion I came to was I needed to own the Speedhorse barrel races myself in order to make the critical decisions necessary for their growth.  It was either that, or find another job.  Rather than quit and let these barrel races fall by the wayside after so many years invested in building them - my husband and I opted to buy them.

"People who know me, know I have always tried to look at things from the contestants point of view and with great consideration for the welfare/safety of the horses.    Our goal is to re-implement the standards these two futurities were initially founded on," stated Robin Hofmann.

Robin Hofmann has been the coordinator and manager of Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Barrel Racing, Inc. since their inception in 1998. During that time the events have become two of the primary futurities in the US ranking every year in the top 5 futurities by total purse and attendance.  According to Hofmann, Speedhorse will continue to be a title sponsor in the future and provide a vehicle for the other futurity sponsor to receive year-round exposure.

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