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SADDLE PADS:100% Wool v.s. Impact Gel ???

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I have a Todd Sloan, Saddle Right, CSI and an Impact Gel.  I have been using the Impact Gel, but found out from an equine chiro that my horse was very sore in his back.  Just had his hocks and stifles injected so that shouldn't have been causing it.  The equine chiro asked what kind of pad I was using and when I said the Impact Gel, she said to quit using it and use the Saddle Right.  I have been having some saddle fit issues too, so I can't totally blame the Impact Gel, but I thought the Impact Gel would at least help the imperfect saddle fit somewhat.  I have now gone to a different saddle that seems to fit better and am using the Saddle Right.  So we'll see if the sore back issues are resolved.  I thought I really liked the Impact Gel, but I will now be using the Saddle Right and the Todd Sloan.

Sherry May:
I have a Saddle Right pad that I used on my old gelding.  He has gotten sway back now and it made him sore.  I am getting a new saddle for my new horse and I will try the Saddle Right pad on him to see if it will work.  I like the Saddle Right because it is not so thick and I can feel my horse better.

Todd Sloan is all I used............

 (:) I've had some good experience and some bad experience with different pads.  I've tried the 20X neopreme and neither one of my geldings liked them, one of them pitched wearing it.  I've used Todd Slone 3/4" and 1" pads depending on the withers of the horse and they are the absolute best for my horses.  Several months ago I bought an impact gel pad, kept it in my trailer for a couple of weeks and when I went to Bar Nothin in Ardmore I decided to use it.  I had both of my horses saddled and tied to the trailer, went to get something to eat, and when I came back one of my geldings was leaning on the horse trailer and trying to go down.  I watched him a while and thought, "on my gosh", he's colicing.  Scared me to death, this horse is never sick and never acts up.  I took him over to Robin (vet), she checked him out really well and said he sounded good (puzzled look), then she looked up (saw the gel pad) and said, "get that da-n pad off of him.  I said, "your kidding", she said, "no I'm not, take it off and bring him back."  I took off the gel pad, saddled him back up with his Todd Slone, took him back to Robin, and absolutely nothing.  He was fine and had a great run.  I took the gel pad (still had my receipt) back inside the building and the guy at the "gel pad" booth refunded my money.  He said some horses can't wear them.  Same thing Robin said, thin skinned horses can not wear the gel pads.  So, I will stick with the Todd Slone, they work great with my horses.  Don't fix something that is not broke.

 :)/\\Don't fix something that is not broke :)/\\


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