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Bikini Barrel Race

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A Boxer Brief Ropin!  That would be alright!  :really crazy:

My thoughts about the bikini barrel race are that barrel racing is sport should be respected as such.  Barrel racing involves young girls and young boys - not just adults.   It concerns me when the message our young girls get is always about sex and showing off their bodies.  Trust me, I enjoy fun, but one of the repsectable aspects of the sport of barrel racing is that it is a sport that doesn't require being sexual and having a hot body.  I know this bikini barrel race is meant to be "fun" and I understand there will be side events for "children" - but we all know that young girls and boys will see the race.
I wish women would stop allowing  everything they do to eventually become about "what kind of body" they have and "how much they can show".  Personally, I don't care anything about seeing another woman's fake boobs flop out of her swim suit top.   Since barrel racing is a sport consisting of mostly women - why does Bobby think women want to see other women racing in bkinis?  Does he have an interest in seeing  men play football in g-strings?  <DUMMY ME>  Yes, Bobby has put together great prizes and lots of fun events.  I'm wanting to win a truck and cash money as much as anyone!  But that doesn't make this idea right.   I just think the bikini barrel race is disrespectful of the sport.   Everywhere we look - everywhere our young girls and children look - the message is women must have a hot body - with everything showing - in order to "be somebody".    Cheerleading used to be about talent and skill...  Now its as much about showing bellies and boobs while dancing like a stripper.  Sorry, but I'm tired of the message we're sending to the young girls.'s making it's way into the sport of barrel racing. 

Please don't reply to me that this is meant to be "fun" and that I - and anyone else that doesn't agree with the idea of a bikini barrel race should just "turn the other way".  I'm planning to attend this event to have fun - as much as anyone.  I'm simply wanting to keep barrel racing the respectable sport - consisting of mostly women - that people like Martha Josey made it. 

Just for the record, I go to the gym on a regular basis and I enjoy "looking good" like most women.   I don't mean to stir everyone up - but just as all those "in favor of"  <ROCKON>have a right to voice their thoughts - so should those "against" <(::)> the idea.  Please be respectful of a different opinion.  I've read all of your opinions and I know you're all looking forward to a good time.   I know the bikini barrel race will happen - obviously - but it should be late at night - not at 6:30. 

<ROCKON>I T-Totally agree with your post.  I also wondered why anyone would think women would want to watch women in bikini's.  I agree with your post b-racer-babe.  I was afraid I would get bashed since the other poster told me to just look the other way when this race was held, so I did not dare post all my thoughts. 

Like you said, who would have ever thought something like this would be in barrel racing?

 (woohoo) Dare we speak up and risk being called "uncool"? <:)  We simply have respect for the sport of barrel racing!! >PEACE<

I don't think it's the hottest body that wins, I think it's the fastest time. What's wrong with seeing people in bikini's? When I take my kids swimming we see all kinds of people in all kinds of swimsuits and they don't think anything of it. I'm sure you will have a great time otherwise at the WBR. Just think during those 20 runs you can check out the cool venders. Good Luck!!


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