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Author Topic: Jan 20th 2007 Update  (Read 3116 times)

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Jan 20th 2007 Update
« on: January 20, 2007, 06:10:07 PM »
Well just had to tell yall about what is going on in our house these days.   <PACO>  Ben is doing REALLY WELL when it comes to going to the potty by himself, night time accidents annnnndddddd his langauge. 

1.  He has had 1 day time accident and 4 night time accidents in 2 months!!!!!!!!!  Yahoooooooo  Joy is abundant in our house.

2.  He is swallowing pills now, no big deal, that has made dosing SSSOOOOOO much easier.

3.  His language has EXPLODED IN THE LAST 3 DAYS!!!!! 

He was going back into stemming mode last week and I was frantically giving him all sorts of natural things to stay off the yeast build up that I could see rising.  He gets verrryyyy stemmy and does peculiar ones, rasberries (spitting, fake sneezing), stemmy on ANYTHING, BUT especially cloth, when he is experiencing a die off.  So, I called the pharmacy and told them to refill the Nizoral, they said they would call the DR because it didnt have anymore refills.  Needless to say when I called the Dr's office and spoke with one of the nurses she wasnt happy with me for doing that.  BUT, I knew I was right because he got his 1st dose thursday evening and yesterday he was already settling down, stemming reduced, verbal stems reduced and physical stems reduced.  Now, when his therapist came YOU COULD REALLY SEE THE DIFFERENCE (I GOT VIDEO TOO!).  He was repeating EVERYTHING SHE ASKED HIM TO, HE WAS TELLING HER WHICH BOOK HE WANTED TO READ, AND SAID, "Bear wants more", THE NAME OF THE BOOK!!!!!!!!   8) 8) 8) It was unreal.  Now today when I got back from running at World Barrel Racing Prod in Glen Rose, he went to the rest room and started hollering and I walked in there and told him to say "MaMa help".  He smiled and said "Ma help".  It just makes my heart want to burst when I hear him talking.  I cant wait until he starts doing it all the time.   >DANCE< >DANCE<

So, I will keep yall updated.  Joseph is excited to because he can see that his brother is getting better and it just enables him to have more of a brotherly relationship with him.  God has truly blessed me with 2 wonderful children. 

Until next time, continue to keep Benjamin in your prayers.  And thank you to everyone out there who has bought tickets, donated money and helped. 
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