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Author Topic: Feb 9th Update  (Read 3204 times)

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Feb 9th Update
« on: February 09, 2007, 09:08:16 AM »
Wanted to let everyone know Ben is doing good, he stills has a little cough.  We all got the Flu over 2 weeks ago and Ben, Joseph and I just cant seem to kick the "kennel" cough as a friend called it. 

We havent done a lot of therapy lately due to just trying to be well but Ben is still moving forward.  He had 2 accidents the past couple of weeks but I caulked it up to not feeling good, but still made him do the drill.  Of course that just makes him reallllllll happpppyyyy (not!).

He is repeating words you say like crazy!  We went to see Dr Stewart the week that we all got sick and he put Ben on a ZPack, anti-inflamatory, Amantadine (still on Valtrex and Metanx also), and even added some over the counter Lithium.  WOW, you talk about chilling Ben out.  I think it is probably to much and am going to have to call Dr Stewart about it but he is SOOOOOOO calm it is unreal.   He still stems on his clothes occasionally but not frantically, but he is picking at his fingers again.  Just wish the little guy could just step out there and say "Mom I feel..........." 

I cant wait to hear a sentence, a real sentence, talking to us, not scripted but a real conversation of sorts. 

Dr Stewart talked to us about a new device that he will be incorporating into the practice, one that can actually measure the antioxidant levels in your blood.  So as soon as he gets that in we are going to be clammering to get in and have that done on Ben because for a kiddo like him the ability of his body to produce and utilize antioxidants is SO IMPORTANT. 

Will keep yall posted so please continue to keep him in your prayers.
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