The Blood-Horse Releases Thoroughbred Pedigree and Genetics Symposium on DVD

Lexington, Ky. – February 8, 2011 – The Blood-Horse has released a three-disc DVD set of its Thoroughbred Pedigree and Genetics Symposium held in October 2010 in Lexington, Kentucky. Coproduced with Pedigree Consultants LLC, the DVD collection captures the entire live event where six internationally-known pedigree and genetics specialists discussed their thoughts and ideas with Thoroughbred breeders and owners. Speakers include Alan Porter of Pedigree Consultants LLC; Dr. James MacLeod of the University of Kentucky; Dr. Steven Tammariello of ThoroughGen LLC; Robert Fierro of Datatrack International LLC; Dr. Emmeline Hill of Equinome Ltd; and Dr. Matthew Binns of Equigen LLC and The Genetic Edge.

Divided into easy-to-follow sessions by speaker, the DVD set explores the progress and discoveries in equine pedigrees and genetics; the tools and technology available for sound breeding decisions; new concepts, products, and ideas affecting the Thoroughbred industry; hypothetical and theoretical concepts; the use of genetics to determine a mating; and more. Five hours and 35 minutes long, the 2010 Thoroughbred Pedigree and Genetics Symposium DVD set retails for $199.95, but for a limited time is available for just $174.95, plus 6% sales tax for orders shipped in Kentucky. For details or to order, please visit<> .

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About Pedigree Consultants LLC: Pedigree Consultants LLC is a Thoroughbred pedigree consultancy and management company based in Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2007, the company is co-owned by Alan Porter and Byron Rogers. Pedigree Consultants LLC is the co-owner with Blood-Horse Publications of the highly successful Thoroughbred nicking software TrueNicks and co-developer with The Jockey Club Information Systems of the pedigree program Pedigree Analysis.