TAHC Comment Period for Rule Review Open December 20th

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December 20, 2019
The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) held a regularly scheduled commission meeting on December 10, 2019, where a proposed rule review was approved.

The following chapters are undergoing the rule reviewal process, and the public is encouraged to comment on and suggest amendments to the TAHC’s rules as they currently exist.

The public may submit comments beginning December 20, 2019 thru January 20, 2020.

Comments must be submitted in writing to Amanda Bernhard, Texas Animal Health Commission, 2105 Kramer Lane, Austin, Texas 78758, by fax at (512) 719-0719 or by email to comments@tahc.texas.gov. Complete details of the rule proposals are available on the TAHC website at www.tahc.texas.gov/regs/proposals.html.