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All ads for must be accompanied with payment. 
Go to our Online Order Form, to place your classified!!  
We use a secure server for all credit card transactions, and if you're uncomfortable paying online you can also mail us your ad. If you need a picture scanned, we can do that for $10 per picture. Our goal from day one at has been to give you the best services at the best price. We believe we have accomplished this, and a lot more!
Once you have placed your Ad, there is no refund or substitution for that existing ad. 

General Classified Ad Info SECURE ONLINE ORDER FORM  

  • COST:  A Regular Classified Ad is $18.00 per item (horse, saddle, truck etc) per 2 months.   A Front Page Classified is $100 per month per item. 

  • DURATION:  All classifieds are 2 months in length by default.   You must either contact and cancel your advertisement if your horse is sold during your specified advertising time or follow the directions you received from the Classifieds Engine to mark it sold yourself There are NO REFUNDS if you take the ad off before the month is over.  Hopefully you can sell your item quickly, thereby making your $18 a wise investment :-)

  • CLASSIFIED CONTENTS:  All ads per horse, truck, saddle, etc can have maximum of 500 words of text.  If your ad contains more than 300 words per item you must re-edit it or email to make arrangements at an additional cost. 

  • Pedigrees up to 3 generations are now available to place with your ad. 

    4 Photos per classified (internet ready format- "jpg or gif").   You must resize your photos to no greater that 600 pixels wide. 

    If you are mailing the photo/s to be placed with ad it is an additional $10.00 per photo for scanning and posting.  Include a self addressed stamped envelope if you want your photos returned to you.  We will not return any pictures that do not come with a SASE.  They will be disposed of.

    Videos, if not converted for web will be an additional $25 for conversion. If your video is converted you can email the video to   Use the address below to mail your video.  If you want your video returned, you MUST include a self addressed, stamped envelope. We will not return any videos that do not come with a SASE.  They will be disposed of. 

    Send all Pictures & Videos to:
    New Creations Productions
    2636 CR 1102
    Grandview, Tx. 76050

    To place your classified now go to the SECURE ONLINE ORDER FORM.

  • EDITING: You can edit the "Price, picture and whether the item has sold yourself.  Simply follow the instructions you received in the receipt email you got from the shopping cart OR Classified Engine upon placing your Classified.  

  • Webmaster edits: All ads are allowed 1 free edit per month by the webmaster of If you wish to have the webmaster to edit your ad, you must email the complete new text to and include your name, ad confirmation #, phone #, and the category (trucks, 6 & over or weanlings thru 2 yrs, etc ) your ad is listed under.

    If you need the webmaster to edit an individual classified more than 1 time per month, there is a $15.00 charge/per each edit after the initial free edit.  reserves the right to edit any or all parts of any advertising that is submitted as well as refuse or remove any advertising at any time.

    If you include 2 or more ads (items-horses, saddles, etc) in one classified, webmaster will charge you for each additional item or delete additional items, this is at the discretion of the webmaster.

  • CLASSIFIED POLICY: Once you have placed your Ad, there is no refund or substitution for that existing ad. 

  Methods of Payment

  • accepts:  personal and business checks, money orders, and cashiers checks. 

  • Most transactions can be taken care of online.  Credit Cards can be accepted over the phone 817-202-7442 or place your classified online.

Make all checks payable to New Creations Productions
2636 CR 1102
Grandview, Tx. 76050

 Website Design, for Website Hosting CLICK HERE

Design cost of your site will depend on what you want:
1. Information type - 3 pages $350 (must be paid upfront)

2. Information with Databases $550
($250 down, rest paid upon completion)
3. Information with Databases, Calendar and Photogallery estimated $800
4. Information with Databases, Calendar, Photogallery and shopping cart estimated $1300

Deposit Required to begin any work.  Updates of site (after finishing) will be at the cost of $50 per hour.  In the event that any server fee or website design fee is not paid in an appropriate time frame the website will be put on suspension and removed from the World Wide Web. 

To see other Domains we have designed and manage visit :

Shared (Sub-Domain) Sites  (Site under the umbrella of or

$460.00 (no shopping carts allowed in the subdomains or shared accounts)
This is specifically designed for Barrel Racing Assoc, Producers etc.   Disk Space will be regulated to 2000MB. 

Deposit of half of estimate Required to begin work.
Yearly Payment
of  $460.00 (If paid up front) Or you can pay $38 monthly.  Credit Card will be set up on periodic billing for this.  Website Design fee must be paid in full when site is completed. 

Examples of sub-domains :
Central Texas Barrel Racing Assoc 
Cenla Barrel Racing Assoc.
D and G Barrel Productions
Tanner Time 

Sub-Domains and Domain accounts require a Set up fee to begin work.     Automatic authorization by credit card or online shopping cart software is not included in the above prices. Both features will commonly add approx. $1,000 or more to a web site estimate. 

We reserve the right to refuse advertising for any assoc/organization/producer/business etc.

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